Interview: Eli Mace

Here is a quick interview we did with our son, Eli… If you’re curious about what an “almost-teen” thinks about this lifestyle, read for yourself.

How did you feel when we first started traveling?
I was excited and a little scared because we would be leaving my home. I knew that I would be leaving all of my friends, but I knew that we would come back to visit and see them another day.

How did you feel about sharing a room with your sister?
I thought it was fine, but my sister didn’t like it much. My bed is the top bunk and my sister took the bottom.  We are used to it now so it’s not to bad.

What do you think about living in different places?
It’s exciting to live in different places, but it’s also a little uncomfortable moving all the time. I love seeing all the beautiful sights with my family though.

What are some of the funnest places we’ve gone too?
My mom took me to Universal in Orlando with friends to see the Harry Potter stuff. It was cool because I got a wand and I got to be with friends.

How do you do school in the RV?
I do it online and do other assignments my mother gives me. We also use field trips as part of our school too. I love the field trips because I get to learn about new things.

What does your family do on rainy days?
My family loves to play board games and watch movies together.

How do you make friends on the road?
My tactic to making friends on the road is simply walking up on a playground and seeing if they ask me to play a game or  just saying,” Hi,” Can I play the game that your playing?  And seeing what they say. They usually say,” Yeah, sure.”

How long would you want to be on the road?
I would say, two to four years. Not sure yet because this is fun.

Do you have a roadschool group you meet with?
Yes! It’s called Nomadic Homeschoolers.  If you roadschool, you can join and meet tons of people and if you’re a kid, then friends!

What do you do for chores in the RV?
I take out the trash and sometimes I do the dishes.  I also vacuum and help dad outside with the RV on moving day.

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