Our Story

Josh and Sarah Mace
Savannah (15) and Eli (11)
Launched from Columbia, SC

The primary reason that we feel led to live this lifestyle comes from our desire to simplify our lives. Our previous lives were a constant stream of events, activities, church services, sports games, dinners, small groups and quick shopping errands. Even though each one of those things had a good “purpose”, their collective dominance left us exhausted, stressed and ultimately joyless. We want to recapture our joy.

It was challenging to make this transition, both logistically and emotionally. We had to sell the house that we loved. We researched hundreds of RVs before buying one.We had to go from 2,800sqft to less than 300sqft of living space. We had to buy a truck. We had to learn how to use, maintain and transport our new home on wheels. I lost my job the same week we closed on the house. We had to go to Texas to establish residency while I searched for a new job. Looking back it seems crazy to think about, but we made it!

Our income comes from my job as an Interface Designer, which is way more fun than it sounds. As long as I have internet access, I can work.